Why fintech start-ups and angel investors are a match made in heaven

January 30, 2019

Fintech is one of the UK’s fastest growing sectors both in terms of the number of successful start-ups emerging within it, and the amount of funding it has attracted to drive development.

According to Innovate Finance, the UK fintech landscape experienced a record year for funding in 2017, attracting $1.8 billion of venture capital (VC) investment. That’s a 153% increase on 2016. But an interesting aspect of this sector, which often gets overlooked, is how much of that innovation is supported by angel funding.

Insights from FinTech Global show that angel investors have consistently made up about a third of the total number of active fintech investors since the beginning of 2014, with angels backing over 1,000 ventures globally. This trend is by no means a coincidence. It reflects the growing, positive relationship between angel investors and the thriving fintech sector that has blossomed over the past decade or so.

So what drives this pairing of fintech start-ups and angel investors?

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