VCs on what tech entrepreneurs should avoid when pitching

May 21, 2018

Tim Mills, investment director at the Angel CoFund, commented: “In a pitch, investors are looking for two things: a strong business opportunity and, equally as important, a team that can deliver it. What they do want is a demonstration of experience and expertise – have you done your homework, do you understand the sector you are talking about, and ultimately do they believe you are the right person to bring to life this particular business in this particular sector.

“What they don’t want is masses of detail on the business idea that doesn’t articulate the commercial opportunity behind it. It is crucial to not only conceptually set out what it is you are trying to achieve with your business, but also be clear about the value it will bring to customers and investors – and this is where you have to have the numbers. Everyone has a good idea in their head, but data and insights really substantiate the business opportunity and can cut through the noise and assertions.”

See the full article on the UKTN website here

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