The 60-GHz Band Cuts 4G Backhaul Costs

November 5, 2013

On August 9, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced significant modifications to its Part 15 rules, which govern unlicensed communication in the 57- to 64-GHz band, more commonly known as 60-GHz wireless.

The new rules permit an increase in permitted power for outdoor operations and could, according to the FCC, “provide wireless broadband network connectivity over distances up to a mile at data rates of 7 Gbits/s, potentially relieving the need and expense of wiring facilities or using existing facilities with less capability.”

The FCC further says the new rules will “enhance the use of unlicensed spectrum as a relatively low-cost, high-capacity short-range backhaul alternative to connect wireless broadband networks and for other wireless applications.”

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