GlySure Secures CE Mark and Launches World’s First Continuous Intravascular Glucose Monitoring System

July 1, 2015

GlySure Limited today announced that it has secured the CE Mark for the world’s first and only Continuous Intravascular Glucose Monitoring System (CIGMS). The initial use of the GlySure™ CIGMS is to enhance blood glucose management among adult cardiac surgery patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The need for enhanced glucose management exists within all critical care settings.1,2 GlySure is currently conducting a UK-based multicentre trial designed to enable use of the GlySure CIGMS across all adult Intensive Care patients.

In critically ill patients, poorly controlled blood sugar levels can lead to increased mortality, morbidity, lengths of stay in the ICU and costs to healthcare providers.3 This CE Mark clears the path for GlySure to market its GlySure CIGMS in Europe. The Company will first bring this solution to leading critical care centres in the UK, Benelux and Germany, followed by launches in additional European countries and other markets where CE Mark is recognised.

Read the full article on here.

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