What is meant by a Syndicate?

June 24, 2019

In order to make an investment the CoFund requires a partner syndicate. To qualify as a partner each syndicate must comprise three, or more, private individual investors working in concert to invest, at their own discretion, a meaningful amount of cash (as a proportion of their investible wealth) into a business.

Angels within the syndicate should be independent of the business at the time of investment, but may take on a non-executive role subsequent to it. They must be investing in the business for the first time and cannot be existing investors (any investment which an angel has already made into a business, regardless of when it occurred, will be sufficient to make them an existing investor). However other investors in the round, outside of the Syndicate, may be made up of a mix of new and existing investors.

What rights will the Angel CoFund have in investment documentation?
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