Based on the answers you have selected, it looks like you are not eligible for our funds at this point.

This is because you have given one or more of the following responses:

– You are not a UK incorporated limited company or you are a subsidiary of another business.
– You are not seeking equity funding (this fund is only open to equity investments).
– Someone in your round is applying for SEIS funding (see FAQ for more detail).
– You are not a trading commercial business and/or you do not have revenues greater than £100,000 in the last 12 months.

– Your funding round size is less than £500,000.
– The amount you are seeking from the Delta Fund is less than £200,000.
– The Delta Fund would receive less than 5% shareholding post investment.
– The Delta Fund would be asked to commit more than 30% of the round.
– The funding round provides a cash runway of less than 12 months.
– The company is not targeting an exit or is targeting an exit of greater than 7 years.

– There are less than three Angels participating in the round who have not previously invested in the company.
– The proposed lead Angel is not willing to discuss investment terms, share their due diligence and explain their rationale for their investment.
– The proposed lead Angel does not have relevant sector experience.
– The proposed lead Angel is planning to commit less than £70,000 to the company.
– The proposed lead Angel is not intending to complete detailed due diligence (See FAQ).

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