OTCX is an independently owned, broker neutral and multi-dealer Request for Quote (RFQ) platform. The platform provides a MiFID II best-execution solution for off-venue derivatives.

OTCX is helping Buy Side clients to streamline the trading of OTC Derivatives and specialises in providing an electronic workflow for trading illiquid, exotic and off-venue Interest Rate Derivative instruments that were historically traded via a manual process.

Using state of the art browser-based technology OTCX sets a new standard in the electronification of trading OTC Derivatives.  The platform is designed for a wide variety of Buy Side clients including institutional asset managers, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds and private banks.  OTCX helps clients to trade in a structured manner, capture real-time data with a UTC stamped audit trail and evidence best-execution in readiness for the new MiFID II world.



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Looking for Investment?

The fund invests right across the UK and is happy to consider investments in almost any sector. While the typical first round investment tends to be in the region of £100k - £1 million the fund actively participates in follow on rounds so the overall investment in a company can be much higher.

Investment Criteria

What type of business will the fund invest in? Syndicates should be looking for the Angel CoFund to provide…

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Angel Syndicates

What do we mean by Angel Syndicate? For each initial investment it makes the CoFund requires a partner syndicate…

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Indicative Legal Terms

When making investments the Angel CoFund (CoFund), as a co-investment fund, will generally look to adhere to existing legal…

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Proposals for Investment

Proposals to the Angel CoFund may only be made by business angel syndicates. Individual businesses seeking investment are not eligible…

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Due Diligence

In order for the CoFund to make an investment, the fund’s Investment Committee will need to approve it. The basis…

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How the CoFund Works

The Angel CoFund (ACF) is a UK based venture capital fund that co-invests alongside syndicates of sector-smart Angel investors,…

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