Bactest Wins SME of the Year 2014 Award

November 11, 2014

Bactest may not be a company everyone is familiar with just yet, but most of us will certainly benefit from its inventions in the not-too-distant future.

When I first travelled to Cambridge to meet the people behind the business, I had a good-enough idea of what it did – however, five minutes into my conversation with professor Annie Brooking, chief executive and driving force of Bactest, the realisation of how stellar this company and its products could be is the stuff of movies.

Annie has invented a simple, effective contamination testing device called the “Speedy Breedy”. It’s a little purple contraption, no bigger than an old-fashioned radio (and deceptively akin to one) which works as a mini, portable laboratory, enabling tests to be run and interpreted by non-experts in just hours. She describes it as a “fast contamination test” which analyses substances as varied as water and medicine, to beer and ice cream.

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